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PiN Trips

Discover Georgian Adventure

About Us

P&N = Przemek from Poland and Nina from Sakartvelo (Georgia).

We have decided to establish a travel company on the same day we have got married (they call it ‘’family business:) . We both are archaeologists. Two of us love nature, architecture, traveling, cooking, animal cuddling, meeting people, making parties… in general, all good vibes…

Our company is concentrated on popularizing archaeology of Sakartvelo (Georgia) and its neighborhood. Generally saying, Caucasus is a paradise of ancient sites. Transcaucasia, as a land bridge linking Europe with Middle East, Anatolia then whole Asia has specific status of crossroads, where for millennia various societies were meeting being enriched by strongly radiating Caucasian cultures.

Tourists coming to Sakartvelo, will have a possibility to visit and participate in expeditions. There is an occasion of spending several days (according preferences) and live with archaeologists in their field camp. That is a thing! This is what anyone can get as a chance to feel the real taste of exploration! It is an excellent opportunity for all lovers of archeology, history and art – whatever their age and experience. This is brilliant way to get straight ahead into the deep history of Sakartvelo (Georgia).

Our initiative offers unforgettable moments, unusual places, true experience. Curious ones can visit extremely interesting and beautifully located sites not always highlighted in tour books and travel guides don’t even mention. Come with PiN and step into truly old pre-Christian and before Islam, ancient worshipping sites as Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Tbilisi . Or residential complex of Georgian rulers worshipping Armazi (Ahura Mazda?) in the mountainous and steep bank of Mtkvari river in ancient capital city, Mtscheta.

On the other side, lost yourself in bustling Tbilisi's bazaars where deserters were selling their own weaponry. Follow architectural wonders of Art Nouveau painted halls, walk through hidden, narrow streets of Old Tbilisi where the charm of truly Georgian vintage and stylish wooden balconies will make your journey unforgettable. After that, we will take you for a PiN-t of fine craft beer.

PiN know what means lust for photogenic spots and catchy objects, so do not dare omit photocamera while touring. We are photographers too, we got an eye on the city’s streets.

Honestly, we prefer rather quite villages and small towns. This is why PiN offers stay at hostel in Tetritskharo (ENG: White Spring), 40 km SE away from Tbilisi. Spot we have chosen is surrounded by old architecture, really ancient settlements, canyons, volcanic cliffs, lakes and rivers. Here early mornings start with bird singing, cat meowing, dog barking. Breath soft air, taste fresh vegetables and fruits from our garden and simply, have a rest. Taste real Georgian food and wine in village families if you will like. Even try to make your own regional food.

We have wide offer of activities for our guests though you may not find them on the website yet, do not hesitate to ask if so!


If you want to learn more about our offer, please contact us by phone and email. We are also available on Facebook.

Our address: May 26 St, Tetri Ckaro, Georgia

+48 530 708 270 (WhatsApp), +995 557 57 28 66 (georgian contact number)

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