Samshvilde Archaeological Trip

Since upon the time Samshvilde was area of great importance. Remotely located and well hidden in hilly landscape engraved by geological processes, site of interest is located in the SE of Tbilisi. Here, megalithic cultures erected gigantic stones, far later decorated by religious signs worshipped nowadays. Here standing few, early medieval churches and ruins of massive stronghold. During Golden Era of Kartulian history David the Builder was ruling country from here, an isolated hill once being a flourishing settlement in the size of city.

Samshvilde is a small village near Tetritskaro in Lover Kartlia district. The territory is famous of its historical site – remains of ancient town. Samshvilde played an important role in the history of the Kartli Kingdom, and in the history of the Unified Georgia. Walking here with our guide - archaeologist you can hear the real facts of the city while discovering ancient objects, bases of medieval settlement, menhirs, churches, mill stones, animal shaped gravestones. Visiting Samshvilde you are having an opportunity to see archaeological diggings held here every year. And if you are lucky and curious enough even participate in it. After seeing the complex a picnic with a view through canyons is organized.

Walking or bicycle tour

5 km from Tetritskaro city center (starting point)


one day