PiN Trips Hostel

PiN Trips hostel Base on the Silk Road is located in the center of Tetritskaro. We offer accommodation for up to 9 people, when choosing a place in a 1-2-person room, a 3-person room and a 4-person dormitory is available. The first floor on which the hostel is located has a shared bathroom and a kitchen. In the garden there are 2-3 places for tent lovers. There is an originally arranged place for a bonfire. The camping site has its own toilet. When checking in, you can choose breakfast for an additional fee. On the hostel floor there is a large terrace with views worthy of a commemorative photo. The Base on the Silk Road is surrounded by green trees and bushes, from which you can pick a mulberry, some plum, walnut, blueberry, blackberry, or strawberry in the season. There is plenty of shade on hot days, but still enough sun to scorch. There are also pets on site: lazy cats and more lively dogs. With a bit of luck, you can spot a squirrel, a turtle, a wide range of birds. The PiN Trips team working at the Base is a local crew, but they communicate in three practical languages. Here you can plan a guided or solo excursion in the area, learn about the local (pre-)history, sit on the terrace and read. Price list of services on our website. No occupants allowed!

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