Trip to Armazi Fortress


Ruins of the Castle dated back to XIII-XV cc, are located in southern part of Armazi river gorge, on the steep hilltop. The name of the fortress, monastery and river comes from Iberian god - Armazi. Fortress dominates dramatic geological landscape covered by thick forest, stunningly colourful in autumn. After walking up hill, where castle is nested, you will enjoy great view of remote Kartli mountains. On the way to Armazi Fortress lies small Armazi Virgin Mary Monastery, of chronology VI - XII c. Old paintings survived in interior of main building. Friendly Caucasian shepherd dogs guarding monastic complex. Needless to say that our walk will start at Armazis khevi, on the bank of the Mtkvari / Kura river where archaeologists excavated II cc residence and cemetery of ancient noble family called Pitiakshi. Complex and in situ exposition is not yet available for tourists.


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