"Dry Bridge" Flea Market & New Tbilisi walk

PiN Trips take you this time to the most famous flea market in whole Caucasian region where you may purchase anything in the time scale of roughly three hundred years. Wish to buy shiny coin, jewellery, handmade clay pot, carpet or infamous souvenirs dated to Soviet times? This is something for you if so. In the scope of “New Tbilisi” project, segment of the Agmashenebeli Avenue, between Marjanishvili and Zaarbriuken Squares, was fully rehabilitated in 2016. Authentic facades, ornaments, balconies, doors and gates were restored.

Walking part of the Avenue became very active and attractive public space for local residents as well as for tourists. Agmashanebeli Avenue echoes back to Georgia’s Art Nouveau golden age. Art Nouveau arrived fashionably late in Tbilisi, when early examples popped up around the city circa 1902. Shops, industrial buildings, theatres and cinemas also carried the style. Tbilisi may be one of the great Art Nouveau cities of Europe, but it’s one that hasn’t received the recognition it deserves.


max 5 h


max 8 km