Camping in Birtvisi canyon

We are offering you an adventure tour to the well- hidden Birtvisi fortress. Castle is located 60 km from the capital Tbilisi in Kvemo Kartli, Tetri Tskaro region, in the gorge of the river Algeti. Fortress is surrounded by high and rocky volcanic mountains which made it inaccessible in old times. Birtvisi is still unknown place for tourists. If you want to discover wildness and you like hiking and camping, this tour is for you.

Day 1

We will get to the village Partskhisi by car and then continue walking in the forest and narrow paths cut in cliffs. While walking you can adore view over the canyons and Algeti lake. After walking during two hours we will reach the “main” fortress. We can climb on it to have a spectacular view. During stroll our guide will tell you a history and interesting facts about the place. In the evening we can camp in the open, flat area or inside the cave which is big enough. Drinkable water is nearby. Day will end with bone-fire, barbecue, and stories around the fire.

Day 2

After breakfast we are going to conquer Sheupovari ("Obstinate") tower standing on the top of a cliff with impressive view over the rocky canyons. After climbing up and down we will have lunch and come back to the point of destination.


6 km (a day).